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'Once I started investigating, I found that women had resistance to almost all major causes of death.'The fairer sex are even better at battling coughs and colds, suggesting that 'man flu' — that infamous ailment which floors even the healthiest men — may actually exist. Not only are women biologically stronger when they're sick, but they're far more sensible about it.British researchers have found that women are better than men at reporting poor health, and more likely to seek medical help when they first experience symptoms.In very basic terms, a pregnancy is the same as foreign tissue growing inside a woman's body.Normally, a person's immune system would reject any such foreign matter.

Dr Steve Austad, a leading authority on the science of ageing from the University of Alabama, says women are far more robust.'Pretty much at every age, women seem to survive better than men,' he explains.But women's powerful immune systems can sometimes attack themselves, making them more prone to autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis.If A nasty bug does penetrate that iron-clad immune system, women still have the advantage: they fight off sickness faster.Girls' edge over boys doesn't just start at birth — it's there in the womb.Scientists at the University of Adelaide say this may be because a mother's placenta behaves differently depending on the gender of her baby. might simply be nature's way of correcting the balance.'Boys are 14 per cent more likely than girls to be born prematurely, partly as a result of this under-nourishment in the womb.

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Studies have shown that females have more white blood cells, the parts of the blood which produce antibodies — natural proteins which neutralise bacteria and viruses.

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