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Formview itemupdating c

Hi, When using batch editing the user entered data should be first validated on the client.

For that purpose you can subscibe to the On Batch Edit Closing or On Batch Edit Cell Value Changing event, obtain the entered value and check whether it meets your criteria.

Hello, Can you please share with us the page code and elaborate on the scenario so we could try and find out what prevents the cell from closing?

Meaning that the only way to preserve it is to update the database so that the grid will later visualize it.

function grd Data_On Batch Edit Closing(sender, args) However when I cancel out of the batch edit closing, by clicking anywhere else in the document, it will not close the row being edited.

The only way to close it is to click on another row. So I'm assuming the only other way to do it would be to manually close on and checking the target. In order for the row to close one should ensure that the action is not cancelled.

C#: Thanks for answer, but it is not keeping value.

For example lets say when i jut clicked on edit button the textbox's value was "test1", i changed it to "test2" and pressed update button, after the code: protected void Update Command(object source, Grid Command Event Args e) is executed the textbox is again have value "test1", but I want it to be "test2" (the value it has just before i pressed update button). Is it possible to do the same in rad Grid_Batch Edit Command(object sender, Grid Batch Editing Event Args e) event ?

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In cases like the described where multiple clicks will be performed our of the grid and it will try to close the cell/row you will have to ensure that the In Notes flag value is correct and that it will only cancel the event when you need it to. Once the args.set_cancel is set to true, the row will not close manually through code.

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